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I'm having trouble setting up a scrollable frame. Please document the steps.
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If you can post a sample INDD file that reproduces the issue, I will gladly take a look.
I have one, but I can't see how to attach anything to these replies. I will email it to you instead.
Hi, I don't have an answer, but I too have this same Issue - A scrolling frame I have created that works fine in the folio preview doesnt work in the IN5 export - despite it saying it is capable of doing this in the documentation of the IN5 product?

Did anyone find an answer to this or a way to make this work

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The scrollable frame was not actually set up in this file.

To set up a scrollable frame:

  1. Select the content and choose Edit > Cut.
  2. Select the Frame and choose Edit > Paste into to put the content into the frame.
  3. Use the Universal Scrolling Frames Panel (Window > Universal Scrolling Frames) to apply the desired settings..

Unless you're making a sliding "drawer" aka "pull tab", the start of the content needs to sit inside the container frame, e.g., when scrolling vertically, the top of the text frame should not be above the top of the container.

Video demo: https://youtu.be/3SbnyLNHXAM

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