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How do I place on a page that is 768px high a long animated infographic 2000px high that I want to make scrollable in my document. I can place one indesign document inside another and the scrollbars work perfectly, but all the animation is out of my infographic. I hope someone has an answer to this. Thanks in advance!
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Hi Ingrid, I just replied to your email, but I thought I'd post my response here in case anyone else has the same question.

If you're placing an InDesign document within another InDesign document, then even if the placed INDD file includes animation, it will be rendered as an image. 

Instead, use in5 to export the infographic as a separate document and use the in5 Web Content interactive widget to embed the infographic. Go to in5 > Interactive Widgets > Web Content and in the Web Content dialog, click on the button with the 3 dots and navigate to the index.html file of the exported infographic on your hard drive. Here's more information about using the in5 Web Content interactive widget:

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Oh, and you'll need to create a rectangle first to apply the in5 Web Content interactive widget. After creating the rectangle in the main document, select it, and then embed the infographic with the in5 Web Content interactive widget.