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I'm having trouble setting up a scrollable frame. Please document the steps.
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If you can post a sample INDD file that reproduces the issue, I will gladly take a look.
I have one, but I can't see how to attach anything to these replies. I will email it to you instead.
Hi, I don't have an answer, but I too have this same Issue - A scrolling frame I have created that works fine in the folio preview doesnt work in the IN5 export - despite it saying it is capable of doing this in the documentation of the IN5 product?

Did anyone find an answer to this or a way to make this work

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The scrollable frame was not actually set up in this file.

To set up a scrollable frame:

  1. Select the content and choose Edit > Cut.
  2. Select the Frame and choose Edit > Paste into to put the content into the frame.
  3. Use the Universal Scrolling Frames Panel (Window > Universal Scrolling Frames) to apply the desired settings..
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