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I have published a flipbook but the zoom feature is not working in Chrome or Edge on Windows. In fact there are quite a few bugs. I sent an email about several other issues and no one has responded effectively.

Many thanks
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Hi Digbecks,

I'm sorry that you're having trouble with the zoom feature for you flipbook. I haven't seen an email with an address that includes "digbecks" come through support. You might try sending your questions through the link below and/or use another email address in case your message may be going to spam.

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Also, you mention in the title of your post that you're using version 3.1.83. If that's correct, then that would be an extremely old version of in5. I would recommend updating to the current version of in5, version 3.8.13:


Apologies my version is 3.8.13 so I am already fully up to date

When you go to in5 > Info and Updates..., in the upper right corner of the in5 - Info & Updates dialog, does it show 3.8.13 or 3.1.83? If it is 3.8.13, then you are up to date.

Yep, it is 3.8.13, sorry that was a typo

Whew, that's good. Thank you for confirming.

And I'd be happy to take a look at the flipbook and zoom issue you're having if you can send us your files and a description of what's happening. I'd recommend sending them here:

I already emailed a package of files with a list of issues. I have reported this again via the link you shared, I have not got time to bug test for you unfortunately.

Are you Beckie? If that's you, I just got your email and replied. This email was the only one that we received from that email address. There also weren't any files attached or files available via a link. 

In my reply, I recommended using WeTransfer.com which doesn't require that you have an account with a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.

Without your InDesign file and/or your output files, it's especially difficult to troubleshoot. We're happy to look at your files to see how we can help. :)

I emailed last night with the test files. Did you receive these?
No, we haven't gotten any additional emails from you or any files. Did you send them via WeTransfer?
No, it was a reply to your email and included a wetransfer link and examples of what was going wrong.

I can't paste these in a public chat as it's private work. If you can assure me it is private though I will send it through here instead.

Many thanks
There aren't any replies to that email. Maybe try emailing us using a different email address.

Were you attaching files? We can receive attachments up to 20 MB. If the attachment is larger than that, the attachment is usually removed as opposed to the email not getting delivered. So I suspect there may be some other reason your email isn't reaching us.

And this is a public forum, so I would not recommend sending anything private here.
How can I reply with a different email address. I’d have to create another account?

Do you have an email address I can send the files to? Your email comes from a 'noreply' address so maybe that's why!

If you have another email address, I would recommend trying that.

If not, are you using Outlook to send your email? It's possible that your emails aren't actually getting sent.

The Answer Exchange is a forum, so replies from here would be "noreply."

I don't have an email address to send the email to, that is the problem. Can you please send me one?

We don't recommend publicly posting email addresses (either yours or ours) because of spam. Instead, I would recommend reaching out to us via this link:

Alternatively, you can send files for free via WeTransfer.com without an account. When you send the files, you can post a message through their service.

You might also have your IT department assist you with your email account to make sure that your emails are getting sent.

How can I email you files via the link you shared if I need the files to be private? I have already reached out via the support link several times and you aren't understanding me.

This is not acceptable support.

I need to send you private examples so you can fix the many issues there are with your code but you have no way I can send private examples to you.
An email from your email address just came through timed stamped a few minutes ago that includes the WeTransfer link. I'll take a look and get back to you.

I just replied to your email.

For anyone else with a question about sending files, I want to clarify--content that you email to our support is private (it may be reviewed by additional members of the support team). Any content that you post on the Answer Exchange is public.