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Is possible edit sobe code in "in5.viewer.js" to start the zoom in from viewer display in center page?

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Thank you for your question. The page zoom should default to center in most cases. Are you clicking on the zoom tool one time and the page zooms to the right or left side (instead of center)? Can you send me a screen shot and/or feel free to send me your InDesign file and I can take a look. It may have something to do with your page format or desktop scaling settings. You can send your files to support@ajarproductions.com. Please reference this post.
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I managed to reach the desired result, at least on the devices i had acess to, by changing line 170 "window.scrollTo(scrollStart.x *scaleChange,scrollStart.y*scaleChange);" to "window.scrollTo(window.innerWidth/3, 0);" at "in5.viewer.js" 

But in all the files i came across the zoom goes top left and not center as mentioned.

Ps. Dualpixel made the question on my behalf

Thank you for your feedback and update with the code you used. We will take a look on our end to ensure zooming goes to the center.