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Edge animate oam file does not support and also couldn't find the appropriate answer given in https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/answers/83/in5-support-for-adobe-edge-animate-oam-file

Above method is alternative and does support the liquid layout for different mobile devices. Can  u please let me know how can I make responsive design of edge animate files.
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The current version of in5 does support placed OAM files:

If you set the Web Content Overlay up with Liquid Layout settings, the container should scale with the browser.

However, in5 doesn't have any control over whether Edge Animate files (inside) will recognize and respond to the scaling of the container.


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This (edge animate html file) is not scalable even if i give liquid scaling to the html container but when i place OAM file to indesign and give it a liquid scaling and export it using in5 then it recognizes it as a image and that image becomes responsive and looking fits on the screen of every device. This means if u find any solution to export OAM file to html then it can become responsive.

You can get a example from Adboe Muse. When we put OAM file to muse, you can scale it in any size or proportion and once published as a HTML it extract the OAM file to html which maintain the same size and proportion.

It can become more useful if OAM export feature can be added in in5 similar to Adobe muse.
The result of a placed OAM would be the same as linking to the HTML file using the Web Content Overlay (if in5 supported the OAM--it would just unzip the OAM and link to the HTML file). The files, and the method of embedding, are the same either way.

If the content does not scale, it probably has to do what the Edge code supports or doesn't support (inside of an iframe container). You'll see an image scale because in5 does support the scaling. If you want to send us a file, we'd be happy to take a look.
Yes it works fine and scalable too using web content overlay with liquid layout. It loads smoothly in preview section of adobe content viewer but once exported using in5 it takes more time (usually 10 sec) to load. Any reason? Please help.
Are you loading it over a server?
Again, feel free to send us the files and we can take a look.
in5 v3.1 now supports place OAM files as well.