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Hello, I started building a website using in5 and there are OAM files imported from Adobe Animate that are by default looping when imported on the page. Is there a way to make them just play once? I added an action script stop(); in Adobe Animate but that did not work. I reexported the OAM file and re-embedded on the page, and it still loops.  Thank you, hopefully I am not just missing a step here.

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Try putting the following ActionScript on a keyframe on the last frame of the timeline:

var _this = this;

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Thanks so much Myra. You were right and I was able to actually try this too and it worked! The thing is I had to make sure I am using scripts from HTML5/Canvas instead of Actionscripts. Thanks for your prompt response! Take care ^___^.
I'm so glad you got it to work. :)
Thank you. It did work however I will have to work on the timing because by the time the page was loaded, the animation ended already. There was a preset page transition and when you click a link to go to the page where I have these OAM files, it already reached the end frame so it looked like it did not animate at all.
You might check the file size if you have multiple OAM files and they're taking a while to load. If you'd like us to take a look, feel free to send your files to https://ajarproductions.com/pages/contact.php?category=in5.