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First off, I love in5. It is ingenuis! Truly worth the money spent.


I would like to test out embedding my indesign file that I have exported to HTML using In5 into my website.

I understand that I need to create an iframe.css file and append it to the index.html that is created on exporting the indesign file. I've placed the iframe.css file with the appropriate text in the assets / css folder as you have shown in your video tutorial. I notice that after exporting and including the css using the resource menu in the export options for in5, it doesn't seem to add the code linking the .css file in the index.html file, I've done so manually.

When adding the iframe tag instantiator within my website (I run a squarespace site for now) I'm left with a blank space the width and height that I specified in the html code, but no content. I'm almost sure it is my src="" in the <iframe></frame> tag that is the issue. I just have the src pointing to a dropbox share link. I'm assuming this is an invalid way to host the file for the use of the iframe functionality. How would you recommend I go about pointing to the index.html file in this instance? I see that you host the index.html page on your demo portion of your website, but since I use squarespace I can't quite do the same easily. Do you have any recommendations for using the iframe functionality? any troubleshooting steps I could try?

I would very much like to design documents with Indesign and use in5 to be able to use the html pages and embed them on my site as iframes within a blog post for example. This would allow me to showcase my creative works in an efficient way without having to sacrifice the wonderful tools that indesign has to offer to settle for a web-based presentation of the works. I have a feeling if I could sort this particular issue out, it would work very similarly to the embed iframe of Adobe Spark which would be perfect for my needs.


Thanks for your time - keep up the fantastic work.
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I actually figured out the answer to my above question already - I needed to properly host the html files and ended up using Github to accomplish this. Works like a charm! So, I wonder now, what would be the best practice for hosting these kinds of web apps? IE. Can I host with my NAS (I can remotely access the NAS from virtually anywhere) or even via my desktop? Any documentation you could point me to in this regard?
Great idea to host on Github!

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Your HTML files need to be hosted on a web server.

More info: Publishing to the Web

Github is a reasonably good, free option.

Dropbox no longer works for HTML viewing.

I'm releasing a WordPress plugin that will make WordPress embedding super simple.

Here's the WordPress plugin:

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