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By updating in5 to 3.7.8, I found an issue with missing "soft line break" within paragraph text (SHIFT+RETURN).

Regular line break works as expected, but it apply paragraph space, so I have always use "softLineBreak" (SHIFT+RETURN) and in5 transfer it to html as "<br>".

PS: I really appreciate your efforts to make in5 better and better, but please also take care, about excellent in5 legacy functionalities. You can imagine in5 users headache, while dealing with issues caused by in5 update functionality details.
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I made a test file and can see what you mean. I'm having our developer take a look. I'll let you know when I find out more.

Thanks Myra,

...as tomorrow I need to in5-export publication to be published, I will manually recheck   all "indd SoftLineBreaks" and insert "<br>" into html.

Uffff... quite annoying job and I really hope your developers will resolve this ASAP.
When I tested it, I did notice that exporting with text rendering set to Images or to SVG honors the soft returns. So, you could use either of those settings or try reverting to 3.7.7.

Hey Myra,

As most of us are using in5 as "export to html plugin", that means also to export "InDesign text" as "html text". ...otherwise we can use any image/svg exporting tool and present html pages as "svg" or "images".

Meanwhile, here is an example screenshoot from indesign:

Thank you for the additional information.
The development team is working on a fix to get it released ASAP.

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Justin just posted 3.7.9 that includes the fix.

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Dear in5 team,

What to say... you are amazing!

While I was thinking, how to prepare my team to dal with missing "soft returns" and most of all, to prepare client to excuse us if we miss something during manual adjustments...

The update came just in time and can confirm, paragraph text "soft returns - <br>" is back.

Many thanks for prompt response! 

...suppose also from many developers using in5 as InDesign magic touch.

Thank you for the kind words. The team definitely worked at record speed. smiley

Hi, I found this question while searching for the same issue. I'm on version 3.8.7 but I am still finding the soft returns are missing in some places.

Hi Emma,

I just tested the soft returns in 3.8.7, and they are exporting properly for all four Text Rendering options. We'd be happy to take a look if you can send us your InDesign file or a sample file that recreates the issue and your html5_output folder to:



By my experience, "soft return" gets lost if apply new character style at "line end".



My first line in plain text break here

and continue with bold.


As bypass, you can start applying bold style including "soft return" character in first line.

Hope that helps until developers fix this issue.

BR, Klemen

However, by my experience...


Working sample:

My first plain text line /softBrake/

my second bold line 


NOT working example (/softBrake/ get lost):

My first plain text line /softBrake/

my second bold line

Thank you for the additional insight. I've passed this information along to our developer.

To make sure the content is on the preferred lines, you could use the Split Text script (Window > Utilities > Scripts and in the Scripts panel, go to Application > Ajar Productions > Split Text.jsxbin - If you don't have the Split Text extension, you can get it here: 

Another alternative would be to keep Text Rendering as HTML text for all of your document with the exception of any text frames containing the affected soft returns by converting them to images by doing either of the following:

Use Object Export Options

  1. Select the text frame
  2. Go to Object > Object Export Options
  3. Select the EPUB and HTML tab
  4. Set Preserve Appearance From Layout to Rasterize Content
  5. Set the Format (PNG will maintain transparency)
  6. Set the Resolution to 150 for High Definition or 72 for Standard
  7. Go to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5... and go to the Advanced section of the export dialog
  8. Set Image Quality to Use Object Export Settings


Use Render Groups as Images (which will turn any other group in your document into an image)

  1. Group the content that you want to turn into an image (if there's nothing to group with it, you can use an invisible rectangle--one with no stroke and no fill)
  2. When you export (in5 > Export HTML5 with in5...), go to the Advanced section of the export dialog
  3. Select Render Groups as Images

Here's more information on converting text to images including how to set the Object Export Options as an Object Style that you could apply to multiple text frames:

You're very welcome. :)