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Hi, this is Justin, owner of Ajar Productions.

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1) I would like to know more on accessibility with in5 plugin using page peal.
2) Best way of publishing format and its do's and don'ts.
3) How to use Interactive clickables on both the sides when terms of page peal (Flipbook).
Please add these as "answers" so that others can vote on them. Thanks!

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Interested in seeing best practices when using the scrolling frames feature and when editing the menu wizard. Additionally, what to avoid in our layouts before creating In5 output; tables, inline graphics, button placement.
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Hi, Justin

Happy new year!

I would like to see more examples and more details about these items from last release - 3.7

  • Additionally, you now have ability to set a fixed background image for the entire document as it scrolls using the Backgrounds section of the in5 dialog (in case you want a parallax effect for the entire document using transparent pages). 
  • Many people were looking for a way to vertically center flipbooks, so I've simply built this in by default. All flipbooks are now vertically centered without you having to lift a finger. :-) 
  • Added more support for Text Anchor Destinations within pages. 
All the best
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User Interface trends--One of my favorite docs on this site is the UX Design Patterns PDF, and I'd like to see more examples of how In5 can approximate the types of things we see on Wix.com, or Squarespace, or this link about mobile UI.

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