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with the single page horizontal slider web format, clicking the next page button or arrow key to navigate forward or backward multiple times in rapid succession causes the pages to blink and flash in an unattractive way, and yet the jquery anythingSlider docs show a option called enableRapidChange that is set to false by default (and in the inspector i can confirm the sliderSettings object does have it set to false), which is supposed to ignore activity during the animation but obviously that either doesn't seem to do whats intended or doesn't work.

Any ideas of how to properly enable that setting or just prevent the nav.next/nav.build/nav.back to not trigger during the animation timeframe? i have modified the delayBeforeAnimate (which seems to affect the animation time instead of a delay?) and the transition times in css, as well as arrow key navigation, but disabling all the additions i added did not seem to improve the experience.
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Attach a JS file as Resource with the following:

sliderSettings = {enableRapidChange:true};

(no guarantees that it will work as intended, but that's how it would be done)

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