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I have a 12 page document all ready to go. Pages 7, 8, 9 & 10, have alot of objects states and buttons, approx 40 to 60 for each page. Each of those has links to buttons and additional objects states etc. I've tried exporting as a full brochure, both normal and seperate HTML, but currently it's taking about 2 full days to render (on a fairly decent iMAC), which isn't very practical for amends etc. So I have split the document into 5 sections, the brochure as a whole, and then each of the 4 memory intensive pages seperatley. The main brochure document then inserts the others as HTML within iframes. This works perfectly fine for my needs in terms of navigation and a user experience, except that it seems to preload the content of each iframe on initial load (lazy load is ticked on all outputs) which gives viewing the front cover a time scale of between 30 & 90 seconds. Which isn't great. Is there a more efficient way of producing this document, or is there a javascript that says DONT preload the iframe data until the page turn? Really need a bit of help on this one. Thanks.
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Yes, create them as Web Content (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Web Content), insert the URL in the top field and make sure to deselect Auto play.

in5 will create the iframe for you (unlike when you paste it using Object > Insert HTML) and it will only load the content after the user clicks/taps your cover image for the content.

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Might need you to take a look at this for me. I have created my final document using this (the above) method, but now that the pages are in place, it takes around a minute to view the front cover, and turning the page to load even page 2 becomes incredibly slow. I also note that any animations on the HMTML frames (when I can finally get to them) dont play on page load, suggesting they have been preloaded from previous pages. Remove these and the document runs perfectly, there isn't anything too heavy trying to load. I've optimised every last image, but it's not helping anything at all. Some additional advice would be great. I think I may be pushing the boundaries of how much information, images, links and object states can be added to a single document. regards