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I have an animation of a padlock I made in InDesign, and a .mp3 of a padlock locking.

I'm triggering both of these with one button and in the Timing panel they are linked. On export though the animation will play first then the mp3 about half a second later. This is only on the first click of the "lock" button. Subsequent clicks of the button provide a perfect sync.

Is there a way to get them to be in sync from the beginning? I tried adding a delay to the animation but then there's a delay for subsequent clicks.

Is it a matter of somehow getting the sound loaded up first?

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Currently, in5 does not support Timing settings for any behavior that is not an Animation Behavior, so it does not support linking the playing of your audio with your animation.

You might try either 

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Thanks Myra! It would be great if that support was added to In5.
You're very welcome. :)

I'll pass the feature request along to Justin.