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Sorry for my writing in English.
I am using a trial version In5 in Indesign.
Indesign timer respects, a sequence of objects including the sound. But when I export to HTML5 audio stream is lost and always carries this at the start page.
Concocen that may be due and / or have to do with export to HTML5 or In5.

Thank you very much.
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First, make sure your using mp3 audio.

Second, certain browsers will not play back audio locally (without adding settings). Firefox relies on the Flash Player to playback audio. Try using another browser for local testing, or post the content to a web server and test it there.

If you're posting to an iOS device (iPad and iPhone), audio cannot be triggered before user interaction.
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Hello justin.

From what he says, I work with mp3 sound. I use about the browser crhome. I can prove from other browsers but it is important to work from all or most.
And regarding test from a web server, I have not. I'll try,

Thank You.
You will probably find the results on a web server are much more consistent than when testing locally.
Hi Yashica,
If this isn't a browser issue, it may also be resolved by an updated version we just posted: