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My company wants to possibly buy this but they need clarity on this please:

We are creating an interactive document, with functionality, menus and animation. We then need to publish this onto our WordPress website and password protect it to only share the link and access to whom we need.


As the "clients" who will be viewing this will be in a location with little to no internet, can the client view the document on our website before hand (load it when he has internet connection), leave the browser tab open and then show (starting again from page 1) the whole document. All animations in tact etc. when he gets to the secondary location?

In other words, will it still work once the document has loaded with internet, to when the document is viewed without internet?
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Thank you for your interest in in5!
With in5, you can create an interactive layout in InDesign and export it as HTML5. 
Then you can upload it to WordPress using the in5 WordPress plugin:
There's an Offline Caching feature that you can select in the export dialog. Once the document is fully loaded into the browser once, it can be viewed offline.
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