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I frequently encounter a bug when exporting, where the plus buttons on the resources tab of the export dialog don't work, preventing me from including necessary css and js files. It's inconsistent as to when it happens, restarting InDesign or my computer doesn't always fix it. I am using the most up to date version of in5 (3.8.12).
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Make sure that you're running InDesign as administrator. 
Here is information on how to run InDesign as administrator on macOS:
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I am set up as an admin on my mac

We haven't gotten any other reports about the buttons to add Resources not working in any of the recent versions of in5. There was a report about 2.5 years ago where installing 3.7.3 seemed to fix it. You might try uninstalling in5 and reinstalling it.

that didnt seem to do it. i uninstalled and reinstalled in5 and indesign. it doesnt seem like any document will let me add css or js files. the folder and html append buttons still work though. its never been this consistent in not working before.

Are you running any sort of antivirus? We've seen that affect users' ability to download updates via in5 > Info and Updates... or Scrolling Frames via in5 > Interactive Widgets > Scrolling Frames.

i am running anti virus and scrolling frames. it seems the only way to get the buttons to reactivate is to open an older file that has been opened in a while, and click the buttons in that file, then i can click the buttons in any current file.

I haven't seen that behavior. If you notice the buttons not working with particular InDesign files, it may be that those files have become corrupt. You could try saving them as an IDML file and back as an INDD file:

ill try that next time. so far it has only affected me and no one else in my team. Thanks!
Sounds good. And please keep us posted if you notice anything else that might be affecting the availability of the + buttons in Resources. :)