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I have created a multistate object that contains ten elements, or objects. Each object includes an image and a text box which are grouped together to form the one object. In one of the elements I have embedded a video rather than an image. When I export the file using in5 all objects are exported as png and the video does not export. Am I trying to accomplish the impossible here or is there a workaround? Thanks for your help.
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You can include video in an MSO as expected in the current version.
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Hi Justin, is the feature asked in this question doable now in in5? Embedding videos in a multistate object? Or is there a way to work around this?
Hi Ed,
Glad you commented. The answer was waaay out of date.

You can do this now. :-)

Create the video and MSO as you normally would and it should work in the in5 output.
Hi Justin, wow! that was a fast answer! Thank you so much!

ha ha... I noticed the date. Glad to hear this is possible.

Now, another question, the demo version of in5 will not do video, correct? I am using the demo but I will immediately purchase it if this is the case. Let me know.
You should be able to test video with the demo.

Some browser/video format combinations may not work when testing locally (i.e., you might need to post them to a web server or run them on a local server to see the video working--or try a different browser when testing locally).
Thank you Justin. I went ahead and purchased the in5 since we are working on many inDesign documents needed in HTML5.

When I do the export, I don't see the video files in the assets folder. Do I need to place the .mp4 files in the assets folder? or create a folder with the videos inside the html5_output.

Sorry for all the questions, I really appreciate your help with this.

No problem, Ed.

No, place the videos in InDesign and they should should up in the assets/media directory automatically.
Will do. Thank you so much!