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I'm inspecting all the graphics in my website to make sure the specific Alt text I put in the Object Export Options dialog box for each was included upon rendering the site. It looks like the Alt text has been included for still images, but I don't see it showing up for my autoplay video animations. Is there a reason why the Alt text may not have been included for videos? Is there a different way to attach the Alt text to videos versus still images? Thanks! MC
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When I exported a test with a placed video without setting any alt text, in5 automatically set it to:


I then I was able to add custom alt text using Object Export Options by doing the following:

  1. Select the movie
  2. Go to Object > Object Export Options...
  3. Select the Alt Text tab
  4. Set the Alt Text Source dropdown to Custom
  5. Enter the alt text in the text field and click Done
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Thanks, Myra. That's the process I used. As it turns out, the problem was not that the Alt text didn't get included -- I finally discovered it was there. It's just that when you "inspect" the element, the block of code the browser highlights is just one of MANY blocks of code pertaining to the  video element. It's not the one that contains the Alt text. You really have to scroll through the adjacent lines of code to find the div that contains the Alt text. Since I was having trouble finding it, I figured it wasn't there. But it is. Just buried in a lot more code than there is for still images.
Glad you found it. Yes, there's a lot of code to navigate. :)