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Hi, I'm using HTML text rendering but there are certain headlines I'd like to be rendered as images. Is there a way to make the two work at the same time? Object Export Options so far isn't working for me—I tried to set it to Rasterize Content as PNG but it's still showing up in the exported HTML as selectable type.

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Actually this can be done if you use Object Export options as your Image Quality setting and set the items to Rasterize (the container). You can speed up applying this to multiple text boxes using an Object Style.
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Oh wow I'll give this a try, thanks!
Works perfectly, thanks.
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There is no direct way to do it, no. An option would be to have the headlines you need to be images placed into the file. That is, headlines are in a separate InDesign file and that file is placed (same as a graphic) inside of the main document. When exported, those placed ID files will behave as graphics and render as such.

A great tool for selecting elements, sending them to their own InDesign file, then re- placing them in the main doc is Layout Zone

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