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I need to place buttons inside of the block of text, more precisely between paragraphs, but if i insert an anchored object it turns that frame into svg (text not selectable), and if i just let the space on the text (with a dedicated paragraph style) and place the object above, the results aren't reliable (things fall out of place).

How it should be done?
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Are you exporting with in5 version 3.8.5 (the most recent version of in5)?

If you're exporting with 3.8.5 and the anchored object is turning your HTML text into SVG text, would you be able to send us your InDesign file or a sample file that recreates the issue to:


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My In5 was indeed not updated, but when it got updated my previous files export with many bugs like not advancing pages by any means, not exporting master page content etc., and i have no clue why. I transfered the content of my current one to a new file and it worked fine, but now im just hoping i dont need to change anything on the files i already published.
It may be that the original file was corrupt. If you save a file as an IDML file and save that as an INDD file, it can fix minor corruption in the file. Then export from the new INDD file.
I had already tried that with no success, anyway, i might not use that files again, and if i need, will be some rework but nothing outrageous. Thank you!
Okay. Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.