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Hi I'm trying to create a virtual exhibition space for a project. I found this example:


and want to work out if I can reproduce something like it with in5. I'm playing around with push slide transition horizontal. Any information or ideas would be great — thanks!
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That's a great example! Yes, you can do something similar with in5. If you want to use the push transitions, it will do those a page at a time with a continuous image in the background as in this video

You can add popups that you make manually with multi-state objects (MSOs) or with the in5 Pop-up Builder.

You can add video to your pop-ups.

You can add interactivity with buttons your pop-ups.

You can add images inside the pop-ups that can be zoomed or panned with the in5 Pan and Zoom Interactive Widget.

You can add a survey using Google Forms.

And you can add hyperlinks.

I think I got most of the features that I saw in there. If there are any other features you'd like to add using in5, let us know. You can reach out here on the Answer Exchange or by contacting us at support.

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