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By updating to in5 > v3.7.5, I noticed...

InDesign2021 in5 > ImageQuality > "Use ObjectExportSettings" > "JPEG 150DPI or 300DPI" do not apply to exported in5 images (all images are LowRes unless they are set to be 300DPI)

Interesting, PNGs are rendered OK.

As I skipped some updates, I can ensure it works fine in v3.6.9.

Please address this bug ASAP

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Try downloading in5 version 3.7.6 and see if that helps. 

If that doesn't resolve the issue for you, would you be able to send us your InDesign package to https://ajarproductions.com/pages/contact.php?category=in5?

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... have try with 3.7.6 and 3.7.7 and it does NOT work (all JPEGs are LowRes - 72DPI).

While I can confirm, 3.6.11 render images OK as expected (150 or 300 DPI JPEGs)

Can we get any estimate timeline, to obtain in5 version with correct image resolution rendering
Justin is looking into it this week.
Kind reminder for any update regarding JPEG resolution issue.
The fix should be available in in5 version 3.7.8 which should be released tomorrow.
Thanks in5 team, to resolve issue with custom image resolution settings
You're very welcome :)