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Hi there

I am currently working on a digital atlas. So it is a multi page document containing maps and popup boxes, ect. At present it contains 9 pages. On page 1-3 its has and opener page and 2 world maps (HTML asset placed in a iframe), then on the following pages there are maps of the continents (HTML assets placed in iframes). When I export the whole document the 2 world maps shrink to about 50% of their proper size - the continent maps aren't affected. However, when I export only page 1-3 the maps work perfectly and fit correctly. Any clues to what is causing this? 

Here is the code used for the world map iframe:

<style>#int09 { width:1073px; height:611px; seamless }</style>

<iframe> scrolling="no" src="./assets/magnify_tool/04_AS001_World_Physical/index.html" id="int09"></iframe>

Im running the latest version (as of Sept '18) of InDesign, I have tried rolling back to version 13.0, but it didnt help.

And OS High Sierra 10.13.06

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You need to assign the id in your <style> definition to the <iframe>, and you should apply the height and width attributes for older browsers as well (including InDesign's internal HTML renderer) e.g.,:

<iframe id="int09" width="1073" height="611">

Easier way: If you have access the Overlays panel within InDesign, you can add this using the Web Content Overlay and you won't have to manually create the iframe at all (in5 will grab the sizes from the InDesign container rectangle).

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