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our client wants to link to a specifik article of a long document for trigger a special articel on different channels like facebook, twitter, newsletter,... We are working with the "Flipbook with page peel" and we output it as web (multiple web pages are not working with "Flipbook with page peel"). And HTML Anchors are not working too. Youc can find the Output on https://lsb.nrw/wis/aktuell.
Is there an easy way to do so?
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Hi Stephan,

I've just added support for this in v3.1.3:

Simply add #p=[PAGE_NUMBER] to the end of the URL, e.g.,
will take you to page 10.
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When i send it via E-Mail (Thunderbird) - lsb.nrw/wis/aktuell/#p=24 then it open (Firefox) by clicking site 1. After i made a reload it works correct and jump to page 24
Hi Stephan,
Lovely magazine!

I wonder if it's cached in your browser, because I opened the link for the first time and saw page 24.

I tested in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
Hi Justin.
Is it still working this? I tried to put #p=10 in my URL and It's not working.
For example: http://www.respigdigitalmagazine.com/EN/Respig2/index.html/#p=10
Neither this:
Don't worry, solved. I've installed the last plugin and it works.
Glad to hear it. :-)