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Hi Justin,

First, I truly want to thank you for being so patient and also for returning an answer to all of my questions. So far, all your advice has been superb! Thank you so much!!

Ok, here's an interesting question, perhaps you could help me resolve this issue. We are building a document in InDesign that will be viewed on an iPad. It is actually a folio that is being converted into HTLM5 so it can be uploaded onto the platform Vablet, not sure if you are familiar with the Vablet platform.

Our InDesign folio has some buttons that call out PDFs and Videos stored inside the Vablet media library. When the PDF opens, all looks great, but when the PDF is closed on Vablet, instead of going back to the original section in the folio where the call was made from, it goes back to the very beginning of the folio.

The solution would be to put an anchor tag on the InDesign page so it can be recognized when calling back to that page.The main question is, how would I put an anchor tag in the inDesign document so it can be exported in HTML5?

Hope this is not confusing.
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Hi Ed,

Happy to help. :-)

There are probably a couple of ways to accomplish this.

Here are the two simplest ways.

  1. https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/answers/2166/link-to-a-specific-page-using-the-slider-page-format?show=2275#c2275
  2. Use the Multi-file Web format (each page would have its own URL).
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Thank you Justin, this helps a lot.  One more quick question, how do I identify the URL for each page? My document has 4 pages, when I export as HTML5 the list in my output folders shows:

- Assets folder
- 0001.html
- 0002.html
- 0003.html
- 0004.html
- index.html

What would be the URL for page 3? How would I write the URL for that page 3?
The URL for page 3 is 0003.html (e.g., path/to/your/content/0003.html).

You might confirm how this works with the Vablet platform team.
Awesome, thank Justin.

I know the question is supper silly, but after looking at code for a long time, even the simplest question becomes hard... he he.

Thank you!
No prob, Ed.

Yeah, looking at code for too long has a way of melting the brain. ;-)