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Is possible to automatic create/add tags
<a id="my_anchor">...text...text...anchor...text</a>
into index.html exported with in5. Text anchors should be placed and named for every exported page, or indd bookmark panel.

These way, we could create url link from "anyexternal.html" to a specific page exported with in5 with regular html tag:
<a href="http://www.mydomain.com/index.htm#my_anchor">
Visit the Useful Tips in text Section</a>

I know, there are section markers..., but they can not be addresed wit regular html URL address with <a href="....index.html#my_anchor".
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That's an interesting idea. We'll keep it in mind. More likely, we'll support linking to a specific page (since anchors will not necessarily work well with all page formats).

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This is possible with bookmarks and mult-file export formats. See this answer:

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