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I've exported from InDesign CC with 'Lazy load images' checked. It appears as if it's still loading all images at the start, rather than only the current and neighboring pages. I checked the Javascript file and lazy load is on. Is there anything I could be missing?
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Send me the zipped up HTML package and I'll take a look:

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Thanks for sending the files. I tested them in detail and found that Lazy Load is working as it should be, it's just loading incredibly quickly from the local disk. So quickly that I couldn't see it in Chrome navigating page-to-page, but I did see a fraction of a second delay in Firefox when making large page jumps. It will probably be noticeable when posting the files to a web server.
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I had the same issue after updating my Mac to "Sierra".
Safari (and all the other Browser on my Mac) were loading all Pictures before displaying anything.
Other Macs with "el Capitan" didn’t have this issue.

After updating to "High Sierra" everything is okay =)
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