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Is there a way for your program to play music across pages?
I can get it to play on the page which it is load, but when we do a page turn the music stops.
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Update: It is now possible to control this without custom code via in5 > Interactive Widgets > Audio.

Attach the following code as a .js file in the Resources section of the in5 dialog (how to attach resources):

stopAllMedia = function (targ) {
 if(!targ) targ = document;
 $(targ).find('audio,video').each(function() {
  var media = $(this)[0], player = media.player || media;
  if($(this).parents('.page').index() == 0) return false;
  try{player.pause(); media.currentTime = 0;}catch(e){}

This function overwrites the existing stopAllMedia function and allows media on the first page to play continuously.

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