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iPhone Webapp not playing audio iPhone 6 Plus IOS 10.2.1

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I have created a basic indesign file consisting of 1 page that has 1 button and one audio file. I have set the button to play the audio file on click. I then exported in in5 as a webapp. I added the files to my server and tested on my iphone 6 Plus running IOS 10.2.1. The app downloads fine and I can see the button and audio file on the screen, though the button doesn't play the sound, I can tap the audio file and the playhead will start, but no sound is coming from the phone. Volume is all the way up. Weird thing is, I can hear it through headphones!

The same webapp downloaded onto my ipads and iphone 4s will play the audio as expected. Just not on my iphone 6 Plus.

If I upload the same file as an in5 web output, then open the url, the audio plays as expected on my iphone 6 Plus with or without headphones, so its not a speaker issue.

I have the latest in5 plugin and am using indesign cc 2017.

Any thoughts why I cant hear the audio files from my webApp in5 output only on my iphone 6 Plus on IOS 10.2.1 but can see the playhead playing and hear it only through the headphones?


asked Mar 10, 2017 in bugs by truwaxx (190 points)
edited Mar 10, 2017 by truwaxx

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Well I figured this one out. I now realized that the switch on the side of the iphone that puts the phone in silence mode also mutes the sound in a web app. I typically leave that switch down in silince mode and audio from other apps and the web played through the speaker so I never figured to switch it up. I did it on accident and the sound suddenly came on!

Hardware lesson learned!

Thank you,

answered Mar 11, 2017 by truwaxx (190 points)
selected Mar 15, 2017 by justin
Glad you were able to figure it out, Lisa! :-)