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HI Justin I'm running In5 2.8.10 and I'm facing the same problem described here, the result is an incomplete image. Y use the Standard and the High Definition options with the same result.

Any idea? Thanks.
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Can you send my an INDD package of just the affected page?
Hi Justing thx for your support, here's the link to my INDD file.


Thanks, Cesar! The pan and zoom on the first page is exporting just fine for me.

Can you send me a zip of you output and I'll look at that as well?
Hi Justin, this is the zip file.


The first pan zoom on my export file wont export complete I can't see the dock icons.

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Hi César,

Thanks for sharing the files.

I think the Pasteboard is the issue: Preferences > Guides & Pasteboard > Vertical Margins

InDesign will stop rendering at the edge of the page.

However, even when I update this setting, the image is still being cut off at the bottom.

Other ideas:

  1. In the example file, the image is embedded--you could try using an external image.
  2. You could also then use Source Image image quality setting--this would bypass InDesign's re-rendering of the images.

Hope that helps!

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