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Struggling to find a way to view a multi page pdf in an overlay. I've tried using a scrollable frame with the individual pages dropped into a text box as anchored objects but this just gives me a page that doesn't scroll.

I've tried the above method but placing another indesign doc into the holder frame but get the same result. Is there a maximum size for this? My documents when run end-to-end are around 10,000ox

I've also tried the pan and zoom option but this doesn't work at all.

Sorry if this is a bit vague but spent about 18 hours in the last day and a half trying to get this to work for a client deadline!

What's the best way to achieve this effect?

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You may want to expand the pasteboard in the InDesign Preferences. This can sometimes limit how InDesign perceives borders.

You may also want to check and make sure that Facing Pages are turned off and that the page is not part of a spread. This can disrupt page coordinates as well.
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Hi Justin, thanks for the reply.

Facing pages are off and it's not a spread. Document intent is Digital Publishing and I've expanded pasteboard to 4000px.

Just tried again with Pan&Zoom and the image will pan up slightly and stops just after the edge of the page.

Very frustrating!

Will send InDesign and output files over if that's ok?

Yes, thanks for the files, Chris! I will take a look.