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Hi team ajar,

I have an indesign documents with a dimension of 1840 x 1000 px - this fits perfect for fullhd screens, but doesnt fit for screens with a lower resolution like 1440x900px or 4:3 displays. Using [STRG] + [ - ] to zoom out is not a good resolution for our desktops or laptops.

At first I thought the viewport option is helping me out in this case, but there is no effect no matter which output option I choose - can you help me out?

thank you very much

kind regards
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You'll need some kind of solution like the one listed in this answer in order to scale the content on a desktop browser.

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i tried this, but there was no effect, maybe i can send you the indd via private message?
Yes, you can.
I've update the code in the link based on Thomas's file.