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For example:


In this case, change english to portuguese.


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Yes, you can modify the following code and attach it as a .js file in the Resources section of the in5 export dialog:

		$elem = $(elem);
			case 'Go to Table of Contents': $elem.attr('title','new TOC name'); break;
			case 'Toggle page thumbnails': $elem.attr('title','new thumbnail name'); break;
			case 'Zoom in': $elem.attr('title','new zoom in name'); break;
			case 'Zoom out': $elem.attr('title','new out name'); break;
			case 'Toggle fullscreen': $elem.attr('title','new fullscreen name'); break;
			case 'Download PDF version': $elem.attr('title','new pdf name'); break;
			case 'Built with in5': $elem.attr('title','new in5 message'); break;

It will rewrite the title attribute(s), which is what is shown on rollover.

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