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I have a responsive layout with 3 page sizes. Everything works fine except the widescreen version. This happens on all browsers. The last picture (the enlargement) on the bottom right of the pages named Random Inspiration and Design are getting cut off. This is a button creating the thumbnail to enlarge. The enlargement is getting cut off. Looks like all my settings are the same. This works fine in previews but not when uploaded. The widescreen version is the one where the logo on the top left is not stacked with the navigation. I'm attaching a screenshot for you see what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance!!!

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Would you be able to send us your InDesign file (or a sample file that recreates the issue) and your html5_output folder to troubleshoot? You can send them here:

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Hi Cindy,

Thank you for sending your files. I've downloaded them, but I've hidden your posts. This is a public forum, so you may not want to post your phone number here. I'll let you know what I find out.

Hi Cindy,

I'm not able to reproduce the results that are in your screenshots. Here's what I'm seeing in Chrome on Windows after I uploaded your output to a test server:

If you're still having trouble, an easier way to show enlargements of images after clicking on them, rather than to making them all buttons and use Show/Hide Buttons and Forms, would be to select the image in your InDesign layout, right-click, and select Mark as Thumbnail. Then, when you export, either by going directly to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5... or to in5 > Easy Export Wizard... and clicking the Advanced button, go to the Basic section of the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog where you can select Open Thumbnails in Lightbox. This approach will also put the image in a lightbox that includes a close button.

That's very strange. So what I did was make some changes and re-upload new files and all is well.

Thanks for your help.
I'm so glad it's working for you now. :)