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When I export and go to the 'Analytics & Sharing' tab, I add the Social Share Image (from my local files). I untick the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn boxes as don't want those on the HTML.

By doing that will that image be built into the HTML document, so that when the link of the HTML is shared on social media, it will preview that Social Share Image? Or do I have to add a Custom URL image?

If not, is there anyway to incorporate that so that happens?

At the moment when the HTML document link is being shared, it uses an element from the front cover rather than the full front cover.
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In order for in5 to use the Social Share image that you add in the Analytics & Sharing section of the export dialog (in5 > Export HTML5 with in5...), you will need to select at least one of the social media channels under Sharing. 

You could try either of the following:

  • Manually remove all the #share-wrap CSS content from assets/css/pages.css to remove the sharing elements after exporting with one or more social media channels selected when adding your social share image
  • Manually add the og: (Open Graph) content that goes in the <meta> tags in the <head> of your index.html file that contains the sharing information including the path to your image when exporting without selecting a social media channel under Sharing

Here's an overview of how to use the Social Share image feature in in5:

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