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After clicking full screen on the embed the zoom buttons are not present in full screen. How can I make sure they appear so users can zoom in and out?

Thank you
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I checked with Justin. He said that they zoom in/out buttons are hidden on purpose after clicking the full screen button.
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Ha! You made me laugh outloud.
I realize they're hidden on purpose, I can see it in the code.
Is there a problem with unhiding them? Some strange issue?
If not I'm going to unhide them. Users need to zoom even in full screen, so it's not making sense to me why they're hidden.
We're having our developer take a look. I'll let you know when I get more information from them.

Our developer said that you can append the following CSS in the Resources section of the export dialog to keep the Zoom in/out buttons visible even when the content is being viewed at fullscreen:

.hideFS { display:inline-block !important; }

@media (max-width: 780px) {
 .hideFS { display:table-cell !important; }
Thanks Myra. I actually had the CSS code figured out but was more interested if there are issues when unhiding it. There must have been a reason it was hidden in the first place.
You're very welcome. :)

I didn't get a reason from Justin or the developer. The CSS works, so I am checking to see if that will be integrated into future versions of in5.