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How can I change the size of the "corner area" witch turn the page in flipbook export?
In some pages, i've to put buttons near this "area", so instead of clicks buttons, the page turn...
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To change the size of the corner area or completely remove the page curl effect, open assets/js/turn.min.js and change cornerSize:100. A smaller number reduces the size of the page curl, and 0 removes it completely. 

You can edit turn.min.js in either Dreamweaver or a text editor. If you're an Adobe Creative Cloud all apps subscriber, then you have access to Dreamweaver where you can edit it and see the changes. If you open the exported index.html file in Dreamweaver, then all the associated files will open. Click on turn.min.js at the top to open it. You can use Command (macOS) / Ctrl (Windows) + F to search for cornerSize:100 and change it in the file. Text editors that you could also use to make the change would be TextEdit (macOS) or Notepad (Windows).

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Thanks for the reactivity !
You're very welcome. :)