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Can In5 export pages at different sizes so that a user can swipe horizontally to navigate between them but can then swipe/scroll vertically WITHIN that page to read the whole article, dependent on how long it is. [like the DPS new stand apps do].

I know that Baker supports this functionality but I can't get it to work

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Yes, try Baker + Continous Scroll. We're working on additional implementations of this. The overlap of the scrolling and swiping should be working better in version 1.5.
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Yes thanks for letting me know. I got it to work, however I have one other question -

Now the navigational slider down the bottom displays the thumbnails of the larger articles as very large and it looks ugly compared to the other thumbs... can I edit this individually?


I figured it out.. all you have to do is edit the "page thumb" files in the output folder... easy :-)