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I noticed this when I wanted to amend an image without having to export my project fresh. While it is easy to identify an image on a page with various tools within a browser, when dealing with possibly thousands of images, with very little to differentiate them beyond a numeric value, I feel this can be an easier process.

This is mainly a QoL feature and wouldn't add anything beyond the rare ocation I would like to identify and find an image quickly and easily simply by scrolling through the folder.

I would see it is having three identifyers per asset on the page [Layout]_[Page/Spread Number]_[Image ID].

Is somthing like this possible and feesable?

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A good idea--for me this would come in handy for the images not created by In5. Maybe an option to use the filename from the linked image, or something from the object export options.

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Thanks for the request. I'm not sure if it's feasible because of the changes that can take place within InDesign between exports (and it's possible to export with different options and change the outcome), but we'll keep it in mind.
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