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Hello. I am trying to create a multilingual kiosk. The user would choose his language on the first page and then, every other page will display the text in this language. I have found a script to do that :


but I cannot find the way to customize it with my own data. Where do I indicate the class name ? the state name ? Im sorry to say I don't know anything about coding.

Thanks by advance.

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I've responded to your email, but I wanted to post the recommendation here, too, for others who may want to create different language versions without code:

Create the different InDesign files for each language versions of your site and export them with in5 separately. Each language version would include the buttons for switching the language with a link set to go to the URL where that version is located. Here's an article with a video that shows how to set it up:
In the example above, the buttons are available from a landing page. You could set it up that way or have a default language document that opens first. The default version and the other versions could all have the buttons to switch to the other versions.
You could make the buttons go to the beginning of each language version document (the simplest method).
Or you could have buttons for each page that specify the page number of the other version (probably a better user experience). If you are exporting using your current Output setting of Web, the syntax for indicating a page would be as follows:
Otherwise, you could export with the Output set to Multi-page Web which will create multiple numbered HTML files:

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