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Creating hyperlinks from one InDesign page to another or to an outside site is one thing…but what if you’ve exported multiple documents from InDesign and want to connect them together? Is it possible?

Yes! It’s easy to connect multiple documents that you’ve exported to HTML using in5.

The key is using relative URLS, meaning that their paths are related to each other.

The File Structure

To export multiple files, just make sure to put them in separate subfolders, e.g.,

  • in5_files/export1/
  • in5_files/export2/
  • etc

Creating Hyperlinks from One Document to Another in InDesign

You can point one file to another by typing a relative URL into the InDesign Hyperlinks panel, e.g., “export1” can link to “export2” using the following URL:


The double-dot (..) tells the URL to look up one level to the parent folder.

Pro tip: index.html is optional on a web server, which automatically searches for a file named index.html, so it’s also safe to point to the parent folder  (e.g., ../export2/ in this case).

See it in action

Here’s a video from the free course, Publishing to Your Own Custom Domain & Website.

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3 replies on “Link from one document to another with InDesign and in5”

  1. Christophe Quinzoni says:

    That’s great!

    Is there a way to target a specific page in the destination file?

    For example, I’d like to link a “A” file to any other page (1,2,3…) than the first one of a “B” file.


      1. Christophe Quinzoni says:

        Thanks a lot Justin, you made my day!

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