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Was poking around (using Hpub as my export), and I saw a different thread about detecting vertical/horizontal layout. And it got me wondering if there was a way to force the layout change instead (like using a button set to force a horizontal layout).
any help would be appreciated
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What you're describing sounds like a Responsive Layout that uses InDesign's Alternate Layouts. If you have exactly 2 layouts that are the same size but one is rotated 90 degrees, then the layout that is shown is set automatically depending on the device's orientation. (Another type of set up is to have 2 or more layouts of different sizes. In that case, in5 will swap the layouts at different pixel widths.) Here's more information on Responsive Layouts with in5:

How to Create Responsive Layouts using InDesign & in5

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thanks! I was playing with it appears I was using the wrong page format.
Glad I could help. :)