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Hi, I'm new to in5 and using a demo. I want to convert an existing brochure into a fluid HTML5 version. The goal is to have one layout for all devices (desktop and mobile), scaled automatically based on the browser width, and adjusting itself accordingly by using InDesign's liquid layout settings for objects.

Is this possible?

How should I set up the in5 export to achieve this?

I made a simple test with one page and a couple of images and tried exporting with in5 but it didn't work.

Thank you!
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Yes, I read that article (and most of the other tutorials) but for some reason anything I tried it didn't work. All I got was a fixed width layout and the liquid layout rules I set up in inDesign were ignored.
Update: I downloaded your Animated Banner source file, exported as HTML with in5 on my computer and it worked as expected. It looks like I have to set the liquid page rule to "object based" for every page? I thought setting it once on the master page is enough to make it work on all pages.
That should work if the Master Page is set to Object-based.