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I know Adobe pulled the plug on the Flash options in 2020 Indesign. But normal Online Publish with Indesign, videos have the browser control skins.

How come In5 isn't picking them up or activating them?

Am I missing something?
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Hi Russ - We have posted an update to in5 today (version 3.7.14) that fixed the issue in InDesign 2020 where the controller skin setting from the Video widget panel was not correct in the output.

Maizca - You can add a controller (in both Adobe InDesign 2020 and 2021) with the in5 Video Settings panel. Go to the in5 menu. Then select Interactive Widgets - Video

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I have the same question, I need the video controllers, play, volume, etc.

I use ID 2021.

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Our developer is working on the issue. It will likely be fixed in the next update.
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