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Hi again. Say you have a page with 8 buttons, and on click or tap, each triggers a specific MSO to show an info box. Click on button 1 and MSO 1 shows the info box. Click on button 2 and MSO 2 shows its info box and MSO 1's state goes to empty, etc. That's the desired action. In order to allow for random display of the info boxes, each button needs to be programmed to display it's desired info box and also go to empty states on all the other MSOs on the page. This guarantees that only the clicked button's info is showing at any given time. My question is, is there any way to indicate that the button should: go to State 1 on its target MSO and go to empty on ALL OTHER MSOs on the page? Or, do I have to manually add all of the "go to empty" actions for each successive button (that would be 8 manually added actions for each of 8 buttons, x 20+ pages!)? I'm hoping there is a way to streamline this. I don't see anything obvious listed in ID button actions that would seem to do this, so I'm guessing it's a custom thing that has to be programmed? But I just thought I'd ask before exploring this further, in case I was missing something built-in. Thanks! MC
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You have to add all the action in InDesign, or write some custom javascript to do it for you.
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