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OK, just want to make sure I have this correct.  If I name my button in the buttons and forms window, let's say "Next Page", then that is what the Alt. Text will be.  Is that all I need to do? Or do I still need to add this to the Object Export Dialog?  Also, there is an area in the buttons and forms for a "description", is that something to consider as well.  I'm just getting things set-up and want to get the protocols down so there isn't a bunch of backtracking if possible!  Thanks for any information!  Mimi
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Yes, you are correct. The alt tag will use the name of the button, so that is all you need to do. Using the Object Export Options would best be used for adding alt tags to images (and is not needed for buttons).

The "Description" area in the Buttons and Forms dialog box is only used for creating PDFs and will not be a factor when exporting with in5.
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