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Hi, I saw this interactive chart and I thought I could do something similar with image sequence:

Economist election charts

I made a sequence of chart images and it kind of worked but it was a little clunky. I can send the HTML over if it helps.


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Image sequence might work to make something like that. I'd be happy to take a look at what you've got. It would help to see how the InDesign file is set up if you can send that or a sample of it to https://ajarproductions.com/ pages/contact.php?category=in5&software_issue=bug
Thanks Myra I submitted a wetransfer link to that form

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Hi Maurice, I got your html5_output. I answered via email, but I'm adding my response here, too, in case it might help other folks. The image sequence only contained 8 frames. To make a smoother animation, use more frames. For the length of your sequence, I'd say 16 or 24 frames would make it much smoother.
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Thanks Myra, I will follow up on your suggestion and let you know how it goes.