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Is there a way when printing or saving a pdf with horizontal flipbook page peel for the document to save like a normal pdf? With one page per sheet of paper? Also with the pages not bleeding into the next spread?
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When you go to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5 to export, in the Viewer Display tab, select PDF download but leave the field below that setting blank. When the user clicks on the download icon in the Viewer Display, it'll download a PDF of the exported in5 document.
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I can not use the viewer display to print a pdf, as I need it to print the document as is with resume data included.

I am trying to print or save my document that has flipbook pages. On print, it will only show one piece of paper in the output instead of all 69. It also puts the spread of the document on one page instead of page breaking where it should.

I would like for it to export to a vertical pdf with page breaks after each page. I have tried messing with the code that was suggested to me, and I'm still having problems. Can you provide me with a code to correct this?
The PDF download options (either generated from the current document or attached as a separate file for download during export) don't include a means of saving data (https://youtu.be/4hiuB7kWvl0?t=111). The generated PDF downloads don't support interactive features which include form fields.

One option to save user-entered data would be to use Google forms (https://ajar.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/26000031043-how-to-include-a-submittable-form-in-your-indesign-document). 

Another option would be to format the downloadable PDF in Acrobat, attach it at export, and instruct the user to fill that out. You can make that form fillable and allow Acrobat Reader users to save it by going to File > Save As Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (Includes Form Fill-in & Save) or instruct them to use Fill and Sign which is available via Acrobat Reader. When you export it from InDesign to an interactive PDF, in the General tab, select Export as Pages (instead of Spreads).

What was the code that was suggested to you and what was it supposed to do? This one forces a spread to be displayed in single-page mode. https://ajar.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/26000031202-forcing-the-flipbook-to-single-page-mode This code affects how the document is displayed in the browser. Here's more information on how to add JavaScript using the Resources section toward the bottom of this page (https://ajarproductions.com/in5course/?lesson=resources).

When you printed the document and said it only showed one piece of paper instead of all 69, do you mean the PDF only contained the current page? If it didn't print all of the pages, would you be willing to let us take a look by sending it here? https://ajarproductions.com/pages/contact.php?category=in5&software_issue=bug