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Hi there, 6 months ago we had this document working beautifully, but now when I output the file to HTML5 I am getting broken formatting on the lists and you will also see spaces missing from the breadcrumb navigation. Are you able to advise a way to fix this please?

This is the Indesign file

And this is how it looks once exported to HTML5

Many thanks

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Can you send us the current output files and also the output files that were working for you?
Hi there, just thought I would provide some more background and info on this. Like many people around the world I have been working from home for a few weeks. So I installed In5 on my home mac. I had to go into  work today, so I tried an export to HTML5 from the machine I usually do this from and it worked fine. So I see that it works OK with version 3.5.4 but the issues I am having are with version 3.6.2 of In5.
I have a version that does not work here:
And the version that works and that I uploaded today is here:
Many thanks
Would it be possible for you to send us the InDesign files (using the link above)?
Hi there, sorry, which link do you mean?
I have extracted one section from the InDesign file and uploaded it here for you to download. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GoHdsagDwKMOZKPZKh0ZbqiB50EVQ6Mj/view?usp=sharing
Thanks for the file, Phil. I'll work on getting this rectified. List alignment is extremely tricking: fixing one file usually breaks another (which is how this happened).
Hi Justin, it looks like there is some abuse of your support system here by joandavis.
Thanks, PhilGLime. She's blocked now.

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You should find this issue fixed in v3.6.4:


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