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Hi Justin

I've noticed that in Chrome the time control (the blue bar) and the fullscreen button disappear when the video starts. In Firefox works well and in Safari disappear all the controls. 

Is there any solution?

For example, this video: http://www.grupoasis.com.es/desarrollo/video/

We use Indesign CC 2019 and the 3.4.1 plugin.

We don't use the new version 3.5.4 because the buttons with animations doesn't work and we use it a lot. For example, at page 04, when I export with the latest version, the buttons with the + symbol, don't open the pop ups.


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I think Erica is following up on the video bar issue over email.

Please also send us an InDesign file specifically for animations that are working in 3.4.1 but not 3.5.4 and we can make sure to get that fixed. Thanks!
Hi Juston
Thanks for your answer. Here are my document, https://we.tl/t-E6sjLDdr7p
I exported with both plugins:
- 3.4 (yellow buttons on page 2 & 3 works well)
- 3.5 (yellow buttons on page 2 & 3 don't work).

Thanks for sending these. When I look at the InDesign document, those items are not buttons (they're just groups). It looks like the InDesign document has changed. Am I missing something?
The buttons are in the layer called "Boton". Now the layer is blocked.
Thanks, I see them now. FYI. There's no need to use invisible buttons with the current version of in5. The content itself can be a button.

The issue here is that in5 v3.5.4 is smarter than v3.4.1.

It recognizes that this Appear animation is set in such a way that it plays the opacity in reverse (from Current Appearance). So in5 determines that is content is to be hidden after animation (when hidden, the button won't work). If you change the Opacity setting in the Animation panel to "Fade in", everything works as expected because the button goes from invisible to visible. None of this is obvious because the button is transparent. ;-)
Thank you very much.

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Try appending the CSS on export with the following:

.mejs-video .mejs-controls { transform: translateZ(0); }
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Thank you very much. It works
That's excellent to hear!
This fixed will be automatically applied in the next update.